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Thursday, 18 December 2014


Now, for those who don't know what LGBT is, it is expanded as: Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender. Until 2013, even I had no idea about the existence of this community. I never understood their struggles, or their crisis of identity. Although everyone says it's a controversial topic, I don't think so.

I really don't discern how being attracted to both genders, or your own gender is appalling.  The fact that you're attracted to everyone, even transsexuals shows that one is broadminded, and that sex is a primary drive. I'm straight, and there have been times when I wanted to find out my sexual orientation. But from the very beginning, it was very clear that I like men.

But everyone isn't that lucky. Some need time to explore themselves. When I was asked to do a presentation of the LGBT in my fifth semester of college, I began to do thorough research. And let me tell you, the LGBT are no different from the straight community.

The LGBT feel displaced in their own homes and bodies, because they have to pretend to be normal. Don't we all put on that act? Don't we all pretend it's ok underneath the surface? Haven't we felt incompetent? Haven't you looked at yourself in the mirror, and at least once, thought, 'I'm fat, I have too many pimples, and I'm ugly.'?

It's not hat distinct for the LGBT. Many say that LGBT is a disease that can be cured with yoga. Even I know that it's absolute poppycock. No. It's not a disease, it's the way you are. You are gay, straight, or bisexual, or you choose to date all sexual orientations. That's your personal choice.

It's all about how comfortable you are with yourself and your partner. Nobody wants to talk about or even comprehend that.

As for 'coming out the closet', that's an other issue I will talk about, in my next blog.

No LGBT is not AIDS or a cold which can catch. It's who you are, and your way of life. It's your personal choice to embrace it, or admit it, or change it.

Even in a country as progressive as America, the LGBT is still shunned by a good percentage of Americans. In India, same sex marriage is banned. I just don't get it. I know, a sentence which the LGBT has heard about themselves, I'll say about article 371.

If we lived in a world where there were no societal norms, then would all the LGBT eventually come out? We may never know.

But right now, times are changing. From having LGBT radio shows, TV channels and LGBT parades, this community has come a long way. Celebrities voicing out their support for this community, and openly admitting their sexuality, life has become slightly easier for the community.

American TV shows have portrayed the struggles of gay characters, and books have gay characters in prominent roles. But what about Indian TV shows? Or books written by Indians?

No. Nothing. Not a damn thing. Amir Khan's show dedicated an episode to the LGBT, explaining everything they could about this community to the public. But the LGBT is still cajoled in movies, soap operas and even frowned upon by almost everyone in all generations. But they don't understand the community, I'm not saying I completely understand, but to a certain extent, I do.

That's why I'm writing this blog. For the LGBT. Don't be ashamed of who or what you like, that's what the LGBT represent. The rainbow flag, as beautiful as it is, shows diversity. How all the individuals, or 'the weirdos' as society calls, can find a place to call home.

Trust me, a time will come when heterosexuals will be the minority, and the LGBT will be free.



Tuesday, 25 November 2014


I am appalled to see the number of celebrity's publishing their 'Memoirs'/ 'novels' every other day. It's most probably because I know that they've hired ghost writers to do it.

I don't blame ghost writers, because they want the cash, they can't get the recognition they want, and they're struggling to pay their monthly bills. With some ghost writers, their identity is an open secret. They're not J.K Rowling, Stephen King or Stephenie Meyer. They're probably paid as much as these writers, and hired by tons of people, so I guess they are just fine with remaining anonymous.

But celebrities, everything from their onscreen to off-screen persona is a travesty, including the fact that they are lying through their teeth about their latest book. Ask the interviewer to make the celebrity spell, 'pleasurable', 'denouement', or even 'telekinesis', then I'll believe that they contributed at least one word. Some of the celebrities are school drop outs, poorly read, and some of them are just plain stupid.

Kendall and Kylie Jenner, are both school drop outs, who can barely spell, and they flaunt their new 500 page notebook like they didn't pay their ghost writer to write it for them. Just like their mother, Kris Jenner, or their half elder siblings. Now Cheryl Cole, who claims to have written an autobiography, is nothing but a joke. People barely understand when she speaks, let alone sing. She must have told her ghost writer what to write. The ghost writer must've have created a simulated environment in his mind, imagining himself as a woman while writing for her.

Coming the most recent man to hop on this bandwagon- Sachin Tendulkar, one of the world's greatest batsman. The man is a master of his trade, which I respect him for. Unlike the other talentless celebrities I mentioned. His biography/ expose on the Indian cricket catered good reviews from the critics. He may have written some of it, but again, all credit goes to his editor- his acting ghost writer.

The same goes for Justin Bieber, Miley Cyrus and Snooki. These people have barely lived their lives long enough to pass high school, let along write books. And yet, there are people who buy these books. So next time you buy a book written by such celebrities, make you give all the credit to the ghost writer and editor.

But with celebrities like Tina Fey, Kathy Griffin or Mindy Kaling, I will believe that they've written something, because they're writers, comedians and actors by profession. There is no doubt that editors have a role in shaping their books, but it's minimal.

But either way, celebrities easily get publishers. While freelance writers like me, tired of rejection can never get a break. My question is it fair?  Just because a publishing house wants get more fame, they sign book contracts with celebrities who can barely read. And celebrities will do anything for publicity and money, even if it means holding a heavy book, which they have 'written'.
They are willing to wash their, and their family's/enemies dirty linen in public.

I guess the millions they have is just not enough.


Saturday, 8 November 2014

Change for women...seriously?

When was the last time you actually walked on the street, without a guy whistling at you, not passing dirty comments about you, or some cheap guy trying to touch you? When was the last time, you read a newspaper, which didn’t contain any information about dowry deaths, sexual harassment or rape cases?

The patriarchal society cannot be culpable constantly; it’s how women look at themselves too. Many writers, of both genders have portrayed women as damsels in distress, vulnerable, and incorrigible. Let it to be Stephanie Meyer’s well known 'twilight saga', or Jane Austin’s celebrated, 'Pride and Prejudice', the protagonists were married off at a young age, showing adulation to their in laws just like any woman in a Hindi serial or Indian household.

Elizabeth, the so called ‘feminist’ and ‘maverick’ , Jane Austin’s personal hero, has done nothing to be called so, considering the fact that she has done anything impactful in the novel. Bella Swan is nothing but a damsel in distress, as stated in a chapter of the book. She has proved inept of looking out for herself, and lets the men in her life dominate her, and yet the books are a great success.

Indian society claims to give respect to women, drawing leverage from the Western society, but what is the status of women in India?

Women are dancing to item numbers, music videos, wearing the least amount of clothing, walking on ramps with rags branded as high fashion clothing. We middle class women are expected to give up our careers for the sake of our family.

I wish to ask the society : when women sacrifice everything; go through pregnancy, the most painful process a human can undergo, why are students taught that father is the head of the family? The mothers do all the work, and they are expected to do so, because of the thousand year old patriarchal society.

Parents, as modern as they may be, still warn their girl children not to travel alone everywhere, and are vigilant as ever. If a boy comes home late, then ‘He’s a boy, what do you expect?’ is the answer, but if you’re an hour late, ‘Where were you? Girls aren’t supposed to go out so late!’ is the question.

Even today, the bride’s family asks the groom’s side whether they have any specific demands for the wedding.

The same series of events will occur in the lives of today’s young women. Is there any girl who has remained respected, never eve - teased or humiliated, or never experienced gender inequality?

Every single need of the boy is taken care of, but we women sadly have no time for ourselves. Have your husbands, brothers or boyfriends ever tended to you, the way you have, in their time of need?

Women are titled as emotional fools, and are deprived of education, and liberty at every level.

We are free to study, but our nuptials is mandatory. Why can’t men stay at our homes, instead of us going to theirs?

In countries like Norway and Sweden, majority of the population are women, and the economy and administration is running very smoothly, unaffected by either recession or cold war. They are one of the most peaceful and least corrupted countries in the world.
Going back to history, men have never practised sati, and women have never have practised polyandry. While widows have shaved their head off, men hadn’t bothered to shave their beards.

Our fathers, brothers come home, and are ensconced on the sofa, with either the paper or the television, while we girls are expected to wash the vessels sweep the floor, and replace the shoes thrown on the floor by the men in our family.
We only have ‘kaamwali bhai’ no ‘kaamwalas’ at all. 

Have you ever seen a female auto driver, or female electrician and plumber? We women conform to the rules of this bad society in order to save our family name, and prevent gossip.

The famous saying that “Women, we can’t live with them or without them,” is bogus, probably because, many gay men, have hardly any female friends. Living with women is not a herculean task, because she adapts herself to your lifestyle.
The highest rate of female infanticide in is in India, and there are only 932 women per 1000 men in our country, according to the 2010 census.

There are many funny, yet authentic quotes given by people. “Prevent female infanticide, or your son will be forced to turn gay.” As infuriating or funny as it may sound, the situation will definitely arise in our country, if not in any other.
If an unmarried woman is pregnant, it’s never the man’s fault. A child born out of wedlock is ill-treated in our society.

Boys will resume reading porn magazines in their toilets, while we women clean up their mess. There are desperate women in this country, in need of fame and wealth. They are willing to stoop to any level for it, by sleeping with producers, directors and everybody available that can help them climb the ladder, has carved a path for other vulnerable women to do the same.

All those aspiring singers, actors, dancers and models are obliged to wear skimpy clothes since they’re in desperate need of money. For all those who have done all this, continue to do so, and are aware that fame and money can never last forever.
Hence, the short cut method is highly recommended by them. Men are well aware of the fact that women can’t hit back, which leads to sexist attitudes.

If we are claimed to be the weaker sex, then I’m sorry, all the scientists and doctors who agree to this, can retire or tear up their degrees, since a woman is much stronger than a man. She has the strength to give birth, work at the office, and look after the household.
Not many men can do any of that. Sadly, women give birth to scoundrels, who roam around the city gazing at women’s body parts, irrespective of whether they wear a burkha, chudidhar or saree. 

For all those who fit in the 'fame-whore' category, please, get a life! You’re not women at all, since you’re willing to become commodities.
When was the last time any of the directors made a female oriented movie, where the woman actually has all her clothes on? What about all those advertisements, showing sanitary pads, and undergarments? Where is our privacy?  
And the great female politicians in this country, how exactly do you plan to help us, and are you actually listening?

Thursday, 6 November 2014


Youtubers today are as famous as TV or movie stars, except, they can be seen more often. Every fortnight, or once a month, Youtubers upload videos which they have made on their own, in their own homes or garage. It's surprising though, to find out that many of these Youtubers don't have an actual job. They consider 'Youtuber' as a profession.

It maybe in vogue, but it's pointless if you consider that as your only profession. While some Youtubers began uploading videos for fun, the rest used Youtube to just use their cameras to record their rants. However, some others definitely make good use of the internet. They display their musical talent or inform the public about important matters.

Today, there are many Youtubers like Alexa Gooddard, Chrissy and Boyce Avenue that sing their own version of popular songs, and sell it on iTunes. They may not have a record deal, nor are they on the cover of magazines. Many of them don't seem like they want the stardom. They just want to make music, sell it, and make money, while remaining fairly popular on the internet. A wise choice. Moreover, there are others who try to ape Justin Bieber by uploading videos of themselves singing, in order to gain popularity, and finally get a record deal.

It is also a good way to achieve your dreams. But there are many, who just upload a video everyday, plead others to watch it, out of desperation. It's rather pitiful, but they must lauded for their effort. Shedding your pride away, and to ask for attention can't be done easily. As they say, 'Humility is attractive'. 

Now, there are Youtubers, who are also entertainers. Shane Dawson and Superwoman, are the two best examples. While Shane Dawson creates unrealistic, yet hilarious situations and changes attires to enact the story, Lily Singh aka Superwoman, is more realistic, but nonetheless, her videos are relatable and equally funny. Tyler Oakley, another Youtube sensation, uses his channel to talk about Gay Rights, and gives courage to all those who want to come out of the closet. Again, its also admirable.

From make-up tutorials, to learning the piano, Youtube teaches you everything. Youtubers, entertain you, once in awhile with their short, yet mirthful videos. Whether or not signing Advertisement deals and making it big on Youtube is a good career move is debatable. As long as Youtube videos spread happiness, I suppose there's nothing wrong making them. But, forcing your ideals on somebody, making racist comments and hurting the audience's sentiment is not advisable. There are certain Youtubers, who are truly disgusting. Their personal habits, their manner of conduct, speech, and sense of clothing are truly revolting, which affects everyone watching them.

On the internet, there are people all over the world watching you. A good human being, expressed their opinion, and accepts other's opinion. But Youtubers these days, spit their opinions on others and expect them to consider a deadly sin to go against their words. Hence, they receive a lot of hateful and hurtful comments.

It is impossible to please every human being. But it's also not possible to make things right with a simple disclaimer or apology. It is better to be prepared to receive criticism, hate and love.


Friday, 24 October 2014


A certain fanfiction writer signed a book deal with a publishing house which came as a pleasant surprise. But my surprise was short lived, since I found that her novel involved a dysfunctional sexual relationship between two characters.

Sex sells and young sex definitely sells. As I read the novel, the usual alpha male, and submissive co-dependent female pattern emerged. Only at the end of the novel does the female realize that she
has to become dependent. Sadly, she goes back to the alpha male in the end. So, ultimately, it was nothing new. The boy is controlling, possessive, jealous and demanding, and the girl gives in.

This makes me question whether women are really weak, or whether the author believes that a woman has no identity without a man. Perhaps she understood the pulse of weak women, and wrote the story. However. there is nothing new in this story. There is a sex scene in every chapter, and I had to skip those scenes to avoid getting embarrassed.

The pure, conservative virgin meets man-whore playboy, there's a bet involved, with complicated feelings and the usual on and off relationship. Surprisingly, the story is a long trilogy and has more than a million readers on Wattpad. Here's another version of twilight sans the vampires, and werewolves.

This novel/fanfiction also falls into the category of Fifty shades of grey and This man, which ends with marriage. I would like to question whether women aren't annoyed with the same old rubbish. Like my University Professor says, 'Soft porn appeals to the 13 year old teenage girl who's popped her first pimple to a 55 year old woman, who's gone beyond menopause.'

The fact that there's excess erotica in these novels is not the issue. The issue is, why doesn't anyone write a erotica with a female who has had multiple sex partners?

I'm not a feminist, but I would like to ask the female writers out there, why do you stress so much on the importance of a woman's virginity? Technically, it's not a big deal. Why don't people stress on the a man's virginity? Why doesn't someone write about a man who loses his virginity to a girl who has a lot of experience?

Considering that my novel is nothing like the typical ones, I wonder how female readers will take it. Especially those who love sappy romance novels. But after noting the success of hunger games, which is more popular than Twilight, I really want to believe that women don't need men to find themselves. There is less erotica, with is a strong female character. Sadly, the character wasn't explored in depth, nor was there a self-discovery. It was just going with the flow.

A novel like Vampire Academy with a strong female lead, who questions everything, including her duties and rights, ends up being underrated and less popular, which surprises me. The female character isn't busy prying into her love interest's past life and escapades. She actually has a pure intellectual relationship in the beginning, and sex just follows as an act of love. It's not like that they're at it like rabbits, like the characters in the above mentioned books.

Both the male and female characters are responsible and want the best for each other, and are not attached to the hip. That's what appealed to me. Nobody dictates the other person's life in this novel.

So, this brings me to my question, is sex just an urge for men? Why is pure for only women? Why can't women have sex with random men to fulfill their urges? Why the double standards? Virginia Woolf asked such questions regarding woman and fiction, and I ask such questions regarding women and sex. If feminists are fighting with the wrong crowd. They should be asking other women these questions. They should be asking women to stand up for themselves and stop believing that a hot boyfriend is their key to everlasting happiness.

Women call other women whores, but men never call other men man-whores. It's ok for a man to watch porn, but a woman's character is tainted when she watches the same.

Virginia Woolf died without getting answer to her questions, and that maybe my case as well.

Saturday, 30 August 2014

World cup...seriously?

I am undoubtedly a huge football fanatic. I was thrilled to watch the world cup. But the events that took place before, and after the match, shocked me. The Brazilian government, which claims to be the world's 7th largest economy, enraged it's citizens by turning them into paupers.

I can't blame the civilians for seething with rage and protesting. But I do blame the Brazilian government for being refractory and wasting the public's hard earned money. They had the opportunity to reject the offer to host the world cup. Instead, they attacked innocent civilians, injured them, and increased their financial problems. This is another case of blatant misuse of power.

Brazil is, or rather was, a democracy. We're led to believe this big farce. It's not the celebrities on camera that fool us, but the government with their travesty, where they make us believe that we are in 'a democracy', while we're being destroyed by those we elect. We are led into a false sense of security.

 Ironically, Brazil lost, and their star player got injured.. he Brazilian government didn't see that coming though. However, I sympathize with the Brazilian football team and the civilians. But I would like to ask the officials in the Brazilian government whether it was worth it all.

If a government can't fulfill the needs of its citizens, and empties its treasury, then it shouldn't exist. It makes we wonder, are we all really free from dictatorship? Or we led to believe this sham?

Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Korean drama...seriously?

I went through a 'K drama' obsession phase, and it's long over. If there's anything I've learnt about Asian culture, which is not Indian, is that Asians are sexist. Just like the rest of the world.

The first K drama I watched was 'Boys over flowers'. That drama is not worth anyone's time, I can assure you. It's the same - boy chases after girl, they finally get together, they stay together for a short period, then the boy breaks up with her, to protect her. Then they overcome many obstacles and finally get together. There's nothing worth looking forward too.

It's a lot like Bollywood movies. However, Koreans follow the same concept in every rom-com. However, I've heard that there are dramas which actually have substance, and unconventional plot lines. But not the ones I've seen so far. But Korean writers do have an extraordinary way of including all the characters in the story, and relating them to the main character. It's interesting, to watch how the story develops, but you already know that there's going to be a happily ever after. That beats the purpose of watching the show.

However, these dramas have a time length of 1 hour. All the TV shows are in HD, and you'll notice that the actors, both male and female, have flawless skin. But the men are so arrogant in these dramas, and women are portrayed as ditsy and helpless. But the OST - original soundtrack for these dramas are very pleasant to listen to, but the lyrics always have the three magic words, which are overused.

If you're a feminist, then you better keep away from these dramas, because they will irk you and infuriate you to no end. You just have to set aside your personal feelings to watch these dramas.

Another common aspect which I found, is that the guy is stinking rich, and the girl is very poor. When I say poor I mean, she's as poor as a beggar on the street. And the guy owns houses in foreign countries, and sparks always fly between them. This is hardly realistic .

There is always a male and female antagonist who makes things hard for the main leads. However, many of the actors chosen for these dramas are truly talented. Especially the antagonists, irrespective of whether the main lead is good at his job or not, the supporting cast is always more promising. But the OST is constantly played in the background which gets really annoying. There are sudden hugs, forceful kisses, but no sex.

K drama is a weird combo of the east and west. I guess people from both sides of the world can watch it.  Surprisingly, many K dramas have been subtitled in Spanish and are all available in English as well.

So there you have it folks, K drama in short, just for you.

Teen actors...seriously?

Earlier today, I posted a blog about teen idols, most of them were musicians, so, I decided to do a countdown on the top ten teen actors that have become everyone's heartthrob. After watching Hollywood do this so many times, I decided to give it a try. Here are the top ten teen actors that I love/hate/don't give a shit about, but are famous.

10. Macaulay Culkin- This 'home alone' star became the highest paid child actor in his time, and then, went down the drain by using marijuana. I have watched home alone, and I loved it! Surprisingly though, he married at the age of 17, and got divorced quickly too. Well, he didn't beat Kim Kardashian's 42 day record, so I'm cool with him.

9. Jaden Smith- This kid broke all the box office records by starring in Daddy's home production, 'The karate kid' starring Jackie Chan as his teacher. Though I tried to watch the movie without falling asleep, I just had to change the channel. But no matter what I saw, I still got bored. Jaden Smith is famous because of who his Daddy is, but let me tell you this, being linked to Kylie Jenner just increased his popularity.

8. Angus T Jones- That fat kid from 'Two and half men', blossomed into a tall, not so ugly adult, and now, is not on the TV show. He got a lot of hate for talking against his own TV show, but he was going to get kicked out anyway. It's not like I care. When Sheen has gone, so has the sitcom. Does anybody know where he is?

7. Taylor Lautner and Ariana Grande- He can't act. I'm sorry he just can't. do it. He has a great body, but he's not good looking, nor has he given any performance that's worthwhile. Grande made her acting debut before her music debut, so she's on this list. Nickelodeon loved her, but I hate her. Her voice is too  loud, she overacts, and I still don't believe that she can do theatre.

6. Rupert Grint and Tom Felton - Ron Weasley maybe the comic relief in the HP series, but he's no star in real life. He's done very few project after Harry Potter. HP's nemesis, Malfoy too has hardly appeared onscreen. I guess it's back to school for both of them.

5.Emma Watson- She's pretty, she's British, she starred in Harry Potter. She can act, she's educated, so she gets a thumbs up from me. She starred in the Oscar nominated 'My week with Marilyn', not that she had a great part to play, but she was ok. Her upcoming projects are promising.

4. Daniel Radcliffe- Harry Potter has proven that he can act, by doing Broadway. He's done comedy, played the role of a poet, and is super busy. His upcoming projects are interesting, and he's proved that he's not just the boy wizard.

3. Josh Hutcherson- I like this guy. He's been in the movies for a long time. I've got nothing against him, but, I've got nothing for him either. Since none of his movies have raised anyone's eyebrows.

2.Jennifer Lawrence - Now this Oscar winning actress has made news for falling in the Oscars. Twice. Ouch. From playing Katniss to Mystique, to the dumb blonde in American hustle, she's done it all. That's our girl! She has stood up for women's rights, and always maintained a good image with her fans and the media.

1. Kristen Stewart-  The number 1 home wrecker in 2012,  is on my list, because she's famous for landing the role of you know who. She can't act. But she's good at hooking up with people like her co-stars, directors, etc etc. She's pretty, but dumb. She can't talk properly, but yet she's highest paid actress in Hollywood. Good luck K Stew, don't take off your panties for the next guy, you might just R Patz back.

Teen idol...seriously?

You've seen them, you love them, you hate them, you don't understand them, but they're there. I have never been a fan of teen idols. To be honest, I don't like any of them in particular. Some of them are talented, but some of them are just pretty faces. They're not that talented, they're just overhyped. Now, there are certain teen idols, who have taken over the world, but are clearly too famous for their own good.

10. Kendall and Kylie Jenner - The half sisters of the Kardashian clan are on this list, because they're famous for being famous. They are supermodels at the age of 18 and 16. They're rich, they're dating and are associated with famous boys, and...they are on TV. They don't have any particular talent, but they have pretty faces.  They wear  Givenchy, own amazing cars  and they manage to host the Billboard and Canadian music awards. The reason for their popularity is mystifying. These two sisters have a million followers on Twitter, and apparently the sisters have paid to have these followers.

9.  Jonas Brothers- This boy band started out well, but split up, since they wanted to pursue different interests. Nick Jonas is posing half-nude and releasing singles, Kevin Jonas is off the radar, after his reality show and Joe Jonas is nowhere to be seen. But they have been famous for the women they've dated, their looks, rather than their work.

8. Demi Lavato-  This Disney star went off track, got back on track. She was a judge on X factor, and she's on tour now. She's more famous for making derogatory comments, her friendships, relationships, and break ups which comes as no surprise. Her music is not always chart topping, but her show 'Sunny with a chance' was quite entertaining. Statements like 'Her album has sold out' is not believable, since there is no physical evidence or proof of the figures revealed to the public. Her fame is based on her PR's efforts. She may have young female fans, but she's not a global star. However, her anti-bullying stand is admirable.

7. Miley Cyrus - After the 2013 VMA's it was clear that she is no longer Hannah Montana. This girl was idolized by millions of girls worldwide, who despise her today.  Her clothes, her facial expressions, her drug addiction, has set a bad example for teenagers. Her parents' divorce maybe the cause for her behavior, but she has the money to seek professional counseling. However, her music is well appreciated by those in the industry as well, so her professional life seems to be running smoothly. But her instagram and Twitter posts do not send a good message to the world.

6. Selena Gomez- She is multi-talented, and successful. Surprisingly, after watching her show, 'Wizards of Waverly place', and her movies, her acting prowess is questionable. Just like every other celebrity, her relationship with Justin Bieber has gained her more name than her music.

5. Little Mix- This girl band took the British music charts by storm, being the only Girl band to win British X factor. One of the singers, Perry Edwards is dating Zayn Malik of 1D and that's the only reason why people pay any attention to them. They don't have any benefactor to keep on the top. Their latest song is so supposed to about women power, but all they do is dance around half naked. Again, they are not exemplars to the young teen girls.

4. Taylor Swift and Ariana Grande - It's hard to decide whether they're known for the men they've dated, or the songs they've written about them. However, many of their tunes are catchy, despite the poor lyrics. Their style, their fashion, their onscreen persona always makes headlines. Their rash behavior, poor etiquette, and disregard for the media personnel during interviews and press conferences is not appealing.

3. Justin Bieber- He was a cute kid, now he's a bad boy. He released his last album 'Believe', after that, he was in the news for cheating on his girlfriend, doing drugs, hitting the paparazzi and doing everything he's not supposed to.  I think we have another Britney Spears in the making. Now, I know that girls are saying, 'I do not want you as my 'boyfriend'. What do we have to believe in? Definitely not you.'

2. One Direction- They're young, they're not that good looking, and they can't make good music anymore. I loved their debut song, but after that, all their songs are not lively to listen to. But yet, they have platinum albums. This is even more mystifying than the black hole theory. From posing naked, to smoking weed, and dating famous women, plagiarizing, One Direction has done it all. At the young tender age of 21.They have accepted they won't last long, and have decided to 'Live while they're young'.

1. Lorde- With a unique stage name, she won 2 Grammys. She's known for her guts, since she has dissed 19 celebrities. This 17 year old has made the world listen to her music. From teens to adults, everyone is hooked to her song. I admire that she has no deference.

If you are a fan of any of the above, and I've hurt your feelings, well, that's your problem. not mine. But this trend is what makes youngsters hate these celebrities and throw shade at them online, envy their wealth and life-style, follow their unhealthy habits, and crave for their fame. This advent of youngsters on TV has upset many adults and senior citizens, since this influences the behavior of their young family members.

While teen stars claim that they aren't looking for fame or money, it is undoubtedly their ultimate goal. To make money while they're young and pretty. The concern of the older generation valid, and I fear for my generation as well.


Sunday, 29 June 2014

Bollywood movies...seriously?

Will somebody ban Bollywood movies for me, please? I'm asking nicely, because the industry produces the most movies in the world, and provides employment. Sure, we produce 180 films every year, but not even half of them are worth watching. Actually, none of them are worth watching. They just rip us off. Be honest with me, name one actor, who's new, or old who can act?

If you've read my earlier blogs, I've steamrolled over SRK's latest movie. So he's out. Saif Ali Khan's recent movie made the viewers sick, and Aamir Khan may have made crores in Dhoom 3, but it had no story. Just like every other Bollywood film.

Ranvir Singh? No. He just has the abs. Not the face, or the talent. Ranbir Kapoor, he has the name, not the face, nor the body. I'll tell you what he has got. The Casanova image. Though I'm pretty sure he's bisexual. Arjun Kapoor, has neither the face, body, talent or brains. But he has a rich Daddy. I usually sleep in movie theatres, that's why I take someone along with me, so that they can wake me up. It's usually my parents, because my Dad's doesn't disturb me until we exit the movie theatre, and my mother likes the theatrical effect while watching any movie. While my mother watches, I sleep, and my Dad pretends to pay attention, since he can't comprehend Hindi.

The last movie we went together was - 'Zindagi Na Milege Dobaara'. What a snooze fest it was. It was a desperate attempt to recreate an American movie. It failed to capture romance, humour, friendship or anything for that matter. The only thing that I did like, was the tomatina festival. I hated the movie for the above stated reasons, my Dad hated it, because he didn't fully comprehend the dialogues. But my Mum loved it. Then, I realized why. It was in 2010 when my Mum last watched a movie in a theatre.

So, it's not the movie, by the darkness, the music, and the chance of watching actors up close, instead of passing by their hoarding. People are exited because they get a chance to watch a movie after a stressful day. So, if I acted in a movie, yes, I can act, even better than the heroines onscreen. I know you guys can do it too. The thing is, Bollywood heroines are pretty. Not talented, except for a few. But male actors, or so not. Besides, they don't have much to do anyway.

I don't find any of them hot. It's because I've seen better. No, I don't date regularly. I've just seen better. Indian men are not good looking. I say this as a 20 year old girl. I have hardly seen hot men in our country. If you've seen or know any, kindly send me their pictures, also to producers, and ad agencies, so that all women can be visually satisfied.

Bollywood movies have the same story- Boy meets girl, girl plays hard to get, boy gets girl. They dance and sing, the girl's half naked while dancing. The guy's faced with trouble, goes through pain, the girl cries, then fights ensue, and hero defeats the villain. Yada, yada, yada.

And now, even you're asleep.

 The songs they make, the lyrics used are so meaningless, it makes me want to snore. So, if you have insomnia, go watch a Bollywood movie!



For all those who regularly watch the news, I must say, you really are great. I get so bored watching Arnab Goswami yelling at everyone he invites on his show. I'm bored. Indian TV anchors are too loud and annoying. They ruin the whole purpose of their news with their tone and cranky demeanour.

Whether it's Bharkha Dutt or Prannoy Roy, they have made news boring. Yes, even entertainment news is so boring that it kills me. The news at 9 AM on NDTV usually talks about sports in great detail. I've found myself, sleeping at the early hour, because the news anchor, lacks clarity while talking. There have been times when I've wanted to yell at the news anchors and strangle them for talking rubbish.

One news anchor actually said, 'In the world cup in 2004-'. Yes, it was on the teleprompter, it was not her fault, but what was the proof reader doing? To make things worse, its hard for Journalism graduates to get a well paying job. Now, I know that many may argue with me. But if you know how badly the Indian education system is, then you will agree with me that my degree is worth squat in the job market. I'll end up being the newspaper girl. I'll end up being  raped early in the morning when I'm on the job, and it will be on the news, and Shobaa De will make fun of the government for giving women false security.

Here we go again! So, if you ask me about current affairs, all I'm going to say is, I don't give a fuck. I had to study three subjects, and I'll tell everyone my major is English literature. I learnt at least something in that area.

Watching regional news doesn't help either, because the case is the same in all channels. Bah!

Pardon me for my late updates. I was busy writing my lame exams. 

Friday, 23 May 2014


India received it's independence in 1947. By received I mean, the British had lost all their money and strength, and didn't have the energy to dictate the Indians anymore, so they left. They gave us Pakistan as a parting gift, but it's ok. It's not like we care anymore.

Now, with regard to the Lok Sabha elections, I have a few statements to make. 'I didn't vote for anybody'. Yes, that's right, you heard correctly. I didn't vote for anybody, because if the country hasn't changed in the past 65 years, I doubt that a 63 year old PM can do anything. PM designate Narendra Modi has a lot of opposition, but even more supporters. I know that he's going to make the headlines every three months, so I'm looking forward to incidents that will hopefully coerce me into taking interest in politics.

My next statement is about the uproar, and reactions about Modi's clear cut win. A certain someone, I shall not take names, claimed that, 'He would leave the country and get a sex change operation, marry Karan Johar'. The only thing that's shocking about this statement, is that KJo didn't sue this person. The world was buzzing about how our elections had the highest number of voters in the world. I believe it's true. All voters believe that they've voted for change. Too bad it's going to happen folks. All the channels and newspapers were raving about the Modi wave/ NaMo hate. I didn't bother to pay attention to any of it, because even I knew that Modi was going to win.

I cant say that I'm expecting any sort of great change during Modi's reign. I do expect a lot of scandals, controversies, and I even predict that Modi may be forced to quit. We may have another Arvind Kejriwal. While Modi was giving an interview, one of the audience screamed, 'I love you!' to him. Let's just see how much the same guy loves him at the end of Modi's term.
However, the Congress's tactics to win was the only source of amusement in the elections. Good luck Modi sarkar. Please, do not annoy me during the next five years.

Wednesday, 9 April 2014


No matter how progressive we are technologically, whether we like to admit it or not, we're all racists. This may be shocking to believe, but all our racist feelings emerge from our own minds, and prejudices bequeathed from our elders.

Why are we racist? We have certain opinions, experiences, observations and family members which causes the growth of such feelings. The best example would be Chetan Bhagat's 2 states. That book was a narration of his life story, but unquestionably, there were elements of racism against South Indians, people who live in his own country. The other similar example is Chennai express. Both book and movie jeer at South Indians for not being like North Indians. Sad.

Sorry for not being loud, boisterous and shameless like you North Indians. Oops. I'm racist. Sue me.

The next time you go to a foreign country and someone makes racist comments about you, don't shut up. Retort with vigour, but if you face it in your own country, then all I can say is, even your middle finger won't do the trick.

I don't have a solution to this problem, but I would like to ask Rohit Shetty who is a South Indian, how he can be racist against himself, after watching Chennai express, I wondered if any other South Indian thought that.

So far, nobody has bothered to attack him, or sue either Bhagat or Shetty, just because they are on top of their game. The world is not going to change anytime soon.


Koffee with Karan? Seriously?

I would like to question the purpose of these shows, since we already have reality shows, which are not real. I would like to talk about one specific talk show in particular, which everyone seems to be obsessed with, as you've already deduced, 'Koffee with Karan'. Following in the footsteps of Ekta Kapoor, Karan Johar has altered the spelling 'coffee' with a 'K' just to attract attention. The show has an amazing PR and Advertising team, since the top celebrities always appear on his show. The fourth season has been receiving attention.

Not to mention, he also claims to be friends with every guest. Odd. But I suppose that when you're in the industry, longer than my current age, then you obviously make friends. But this time, Karan has received accolades for inviting guests who have never appeared on this show, or those who have been reluctant to show up. This includes A listers, so I suppose he should receive some credit for being a terrible show host.

From constantly using the word 'conjecture' to asking repetitive questions in the rapid fire around, and tossing about shrill sounding buzzers, Karan Johar has managed to make even the top most celebrities in the industries behave like children. I guess that's a talent too.

Surprisingly, the content of this show has become sexual, considering the fact that the men who appear on these shows are perverts and sexually frustrated, and the women are thrilled at receiving compliments about their scantily clad bodies, so why on earth would they complain, and why would the TV ratings drop?

This fourth season has invited new stars, who seem to be chummy with the allegedly gay host, who seems to have no problem discussing virginity, homosexuality and sexual innuendos at his age. Yet he manages to escape the tag of 'the dirty old man', since they're all friends.

He dresses like a scarecrow, with his olive coats, brown pants and clown like smile. The show is hardly entertaining, even when the most scandalous questions are asked. Most of the celebrities have displayed poor language skills, while some of them have put on fake accents, while the rest spend time adjusting their clothes and drinking coffee.

If I conducted a popularity contest, I wonder whether Bigg Boss would beat Koffee with Karan. Next time you're bored and horny, just switch to watching women's wrestling.    

Sunday, 23 February 2014


Just when I thought that I would be able to accept that humans are good, they start showing me their worst side again. Just when I gain a little faith in humanity, the people ensure that I question the humanity in them.

There are books and research papers written about humanity, and a humanistic school of Psychology. They believe that all humans are born good. Maybe so, but they all turn bad too. Ok, most of them turn bad. people blame circumstances for it. Alright, you have to change with time, but for the better, and not to become bitter.

 We all have our fifty shades of grey. But why show all the darkness in you? Why can't you find the light? Is your life so miserable that you can't see others happy?

If your life is miserable because of others around you, then stay away from them. If you are the cause for another's misery, just because you can't see them happy, then you're the bigger sadist. Your depression forces you to become a sadist or masochist. If you have such people around you, they'll never let you be happy.

So I suggest, stay away from them. Maintain a certain physical distance, then you will develop a mental distance. But they will always be on the look out for targets to bully. But you, always have to stay safe. Humans can destroy your life, and those you trust the most, are the ones who are capable of this. So you're enemy may keep a constant eye on you, but your friends will always know how to hurt you. I don't deny that there is some good in this world, but there are vicious people on this planet, who have various complexities.

So do not expect humans to grow wings and become angels. Jealousy, anger, hatred can create damage on a large scale. So do not trust humanity, but hope that someday, someone will help you.


Thursday, 6 February 2014


What do you believe in? God? Humanity? Satan? Astrology?

In an era where you can carry your TV in your pocket, there are those who still believe in God and astrology. I'm not of them. Not anymore at least. When I questioned many who believe in the above mentioned list, as to why they believe in it, their response was the same. "You need something to believe in, so why not this? Besides, you're too young to understand."

I find the above statement absolute nonsense. Ten years from now I may repeat the above statement to someone, but to focus on the present, I'd like to say, I believe in myself. A psychological experiment called 'Internal external locus of locus' helps a person determine whether they are intrinsically or extrinsically motivated. My result: Significantly intrinsically motivated. I have logical reasons for believing in myself.

1. God - Scenario- Class 8th, Moral Science class- I prayed to God that day that I would've taken all the books to school, so that I don't get punished. But to my horror, I didn't bring my Moral Science book, and let me tell you, my Moral Science teacher  was absolutely terrifying. You can guess how many major panic attacks I had that day. This is just an illustration of one of the many incidents that's happened in my life. So, why waste time praying?

2. Humanity - I haven't figured how good or bad humans really are, so I'll rule it out.

3. Satan- He may exist, because there are a lot of people who claim to use black magic. But I think that we all have latent satan is in us, ready to come out, when the time comes. When he is inside us, then why worship him?

4. Astrology - A supposed wise man once told me, 'You're novel will be published by the end of your 20th year'. Sadly, I've written only 8 chapters of my novel, I highly doubt this will happen, because I'm realistic.

Why I believe in myself. No matter how hopeless I feel, I have this unwavering faith that I will make it through alive. Somehow, someway, I knew I would survive. Ever since I was kid, I lacked confidence. But now I have faith, in myself. The two terms are different, because self-confidence is a miniscule concept, in comparison to faith.

To me, faith is God, Astrology, Satan all in me. That's the difference between me and everyone else.


Thursday, 30 January 2014

Women's rights? Seriously?

Who are you to give a woman a right? Who I am to take a right from anybody?

I was annoyed to find that a certain lady in power, with a doctorate degree, who works for a women's right commission had the audacity to say that women should mind their body language in order to prevent attracting rapists.

I would just like to say, that you don't deserve the Ph.D. A rapist doesn't need to be provoked to rape, he shall do so, as it pleases him. Will you say the same thing when your fully clothed daughter is raped in public, or will you accept blame for her enticing the rapist? Just because you're fat, ugly, with a Ph.D, and you have two sons, it does not give you the right to tell all beautiful girls to turn ugly.

Girls, dress the way you want, do what you want. Just remember these women right activist are no different from rapists. So, I just want to tell all the women who blame the victims for the rape, you are to blame, not the girls who get raped.

Listen to me you old ladies, when you get raped, don't fight the case in court, just accept that it's your fault.  

Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Bullying... seriously?

We're all bullied in different ways. When my mother forces me to wear that god awful dress that she bought for me, I'm bullied. When I'm compelled to attend a stupid ceremony, when I'd rather be watching a movie, I feel bullied.

Your best friend whom you adore to death may compel to do something you dislike or against, and when you do it, you're frustrated. Sometimes, you just can't refuse them. But bullying can be done by anybody, so don't restrict it your peers and family.

Your teachers can bully you too. A school bully has limited power, but remember, your teacher has more power. I was bullied as recently as yesterday. A certain professor of mine has been taking jibes at me for the past few months, for unknown reasons. I have been advised by very many to be stoic, since this professor is in charge of my internal marks. Unfortunately, for no fault of mine, I have been the punching bag. Right now, as I'm recalling this incident, my anger is escalating.

But since three months from now, I'll have to graduate and make peace with him. After that, I'm free to do as I please. Also, when teachers' advance towards old age, they tend to get cranky. So, I plan to stay numb in the professor's next class. I will try, though I may want to yell, I will pretend to be deaf at least.

When the professor begins the tirade, I will think of a certain handsome actor, hoping that my anger will reduce. If my method works in the next two months, I would've definitely achieved something.

Sunday, 19 January 2014


Explain this nonsense about this new rubbish internet pack scheme, which all the terrible companies have decided to start now, since we have internet mobile.

Need I remind them that we use laptops too? It's absolutely ridiculous to have internet connections that are slower than a man's comprehension of Thermodynamics. It's absolutely taxing! There are days when I have the urge to slap a certain company that my Dad pays the phone bills to, for giving me such shoddy, slow Wi-Fi.

This irritation wants to throw a pile of worms on the C.E.O  of the company! My anger, as well as yours, is justified, since we pay our bills and we expect a certain standard. But then again why I am surprised? India hasn't progressed in the past 65 years, how can I, or anybody honestly expect a  good internet connection?  A faulty cable, a faulty transformer, a terrible road, a half-made footpath is found in bulk in country.

So on behalf of all those who are suffering just me, I have a list of word vomit to spew on the phone companies, who torture use to no end. With the never ending recorded phone calls, constant pestering on weekends with your 'PAY YOUR BILL, IT'S YOUR DUE DATE!' messages, I just have one thing to say, 'BLEH!'

You stupid gold diggers steal money from us, and give only a few days internet pack, and we struggle to get the goddamned assignments done. No thank you, I think that I'll go to the library!

Thursday, 9 January 2014

Reality shows, seriously?


Bigg Boss just ended a few weeks ago, and it's been replaced by two different TV shows already. But I really want to question the originality of reality shows. Let's start with the BIGG BOSS, since I brought it up. This season was the most controversial of all. There were fights, groups, politics, love and violence in just 103 days. BIGG BOSS is unquestionably an remake of BIG BROTHER, a successful American TV reality show. It has completed more than 10 seasons, and always had a high viewership. We rip off American movies, so the fact that we've copied their reality shows, is not surprising.

The same goes for Superdude, which is a remake of another show called 'The pick up artist'. None of the boys in that show were good looking, and the host has had no luck with women himself.  Ironic, isn't it? No matter what happens, we can always count on the West, since we don't have to do any work at all. However, the only reality show, that was supposed to make sense, was Luv 2 hate u.  

Yes, that is actually a title. So, Arjun Rampal, ok, even I reacted in the same way, was, Arjun who? The guy who lives off Shah Rukh Khan of course, I was told by his biggest hater on the first episode. His hater accused him off being a wooden actor, which is the absolute truth. Instead of accepting the fact which his best friend and wife have been too polite to mention, he actually continues to think that he can act. His hater actually had the guts to tell him to take off his rose coloured glasses. The same was the case with all the celebrities who appeared on this show.

The only problem is, none of the A listers appeared on the show, and all the celebs were mostly from the film fraternity, biased much? There were threats, shouts and yells, but none of the haters actually said that they no longer hated the celebrity. So, what was the point of the ice- breaking session? I forgot to mention that it's a rip off from yet another American TV reality show H8r.

So, as we're jobless, and we will actually watch anything that involves celebrities, we actually watched these shows, and continue singing praises of the west, and never think of anything that's original. So, I have to thank Keeping up with Kardashians for starting this terrible trend. But if it makes the jobless happy, then go for it. So, kudos to not working.

Sunday, 5 January 2014


Have you ever felt so exhausted, and helpless, because you're dumped with too many assignments? I know that feeling. We all do. This happens during exams. We have too much to study and no time at all. So the best and most common option is: Pull an all nighter. Those who say that will never work, I disagree. I have spent many sleepless nights studying, just a day before the exam, and I assure you it works. You will pass. You are terrified before your exam, and you have limited time, so you'll obviously study faster. You make your timetables, and your resolutions are of no use, because things never go as planned. I'm not advocating all nighters. But for those who are as good as procrastinating as I am, this is what you have to do before the exam.

1. Do not look at the clock- Once you start studying, you become anxious, and you start looking at the clock. You're just wasting your precious time.

2. Sit on the floor and lean against the wall - Do not change your position, because you will fall asleep, so keep your back straight.

3. Keep a bottle of drinking water - When you feel sleepy, drink water, not coffee. The more water you drink, the more number of bathroom breaks you take, and you'll get rid of the sleepiness.

4. Don't stop studying until you think you'll get at least 50%.

5. Don't cry - This is easier said than done. But if you do cry, finish crying, and then start studying.

6. Sleep for two hours

7. Keep studying until the bell rings- Revise before the bell. You may just  glance through something, and it may appear in the question paper as an MCQ.
8. Don't forget to take your hall ticket and stationary box- Listen to your Mom when she asks you questions which she has been asking since you were 4. She just wants to save you from another panic attack.

I have made several attempts to not study too late before my exams, and I've failed horribly. I know what works best for me, and so should you. If you're not serious about education, and you just want to pass, do the above mentioned. But if you want to aim for a rank, then do it the old fashioned way, by rote learning. If you're a visual learner, then watch videos of your topic if they are available. Take breaks when you get bored, and remember, if it's the final exam, just study the questions which you know are going to appear before the exam, even if they are hard.

But there is one thing I'd like to say- Do not stress over exams, because being part of the rat race is not worth it. Just try to get more than what you scored last time, because you'll be competing with yourself, not the girl who scores the highest in class.